Shipping a 1970’s or Older Street Rod Car or Truck

by Angela Caito

In previous years, finding a hard to locate early 1970’s or older car or truck was something that was extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we are now able to locate these cars, quite often, with a few quick clicks of the mouse. Now it isn’t so much finding the hotrods that is difficult, but being able to relocate them back to your home or office location in the tidewater area can be the tricky part.

Depending on the overall driving condition of the car or truck you want to purchase, you could possibly opt to fly or take a train to the physical location and pick it up and drive it to the area, but that can be very time consuming as well as costly in the long run. You could even take your own truck and trailer and haul it back on your own. This too can not only be expensive but it will take much needed time that you may need for other things like work, family or relaxing in your garage while tinkering on other hot rods you may have sitting around for future shows.

The best way, by far, to get your new car or truck moved to your home is going to be hiring a professional auto transporter to handle all of the tough work for you. A company like A-1 Auto Transport Inc. will be able to handle all aspects of shipping the car including making suggestions on the best type of carrier to choose for the vehicle, the time frame that it will take to move the car and the total price you will need to pay for transport.

If the car or truck you plan on buying, which is often the case when you buy a hotrod from the early 70’s, a professional transporter will be able to move it safely and get it to you so you can take the time to get it up and running smoothly before you take it to show or start driving it around town. You will also be able to use GPS tracking services to see where the vehicle is at all times from the moment it is picked up until it is dropped off to you here in Virginia or to another location you need to have it shipped.

When you have a new hot rod, chances are that you are anxious to get it home where you can start showing it off to others. Try to be patient so you can make sure the car is handled with care and be aware that it takes time to have a car shipped. On average, it can take several days to ship a car across a few states and up to 10 days or longer to have a car transported.